License costs at a glance

opcycWFM - Workforce Management Software

opcycWFM is available at monthly rental costs both as an on-premises and as a cloud solution.

Flexible deployment options

As a high-performance WFM suite, the BASE and PLUS versions of opcycWFM are comparable to competitor offerings in terms of functionality – they already stand out in terms of performance. The range of functions and features of the PRO version is even greater. The price/performance ratio of all versions is unrivaled!

The integrated time management and the intelligent absence manager perfect the functionality and performance of opcycWFM. The opcyc employee portal myOPCYC is included in all versions. The range of functions of myOPCYC increases automatically if the opcycABSENCE or opcycTIME modules are selected.

License costs in the overview according to module and function scope:

* Monthly license costs per user incl. software maintenance for a total of up to 100 user licenses valid from 01.04.2021. Further discount levels for up to 300, 600, 1,000 and 9,999 user licenses. Also available in the download area for certain registered users. All figures in EUR net plus VAT. the applicable value added tax.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

License options and availability

With opcycWFM you get the most configurable WFM software on the market, which was developed from the operational side and not at the green table. opcycWFM not only maps the operational requirements, but also understands your industry-specific concerns. The employees at opcyc have many years of experience from operational responsibilities in customer service centers and therefore have a good understanding of your daily requirements.

With opcycWFM you have a choice of three versions (BASE, PLUS and PRO). Regardless of the version selected, opcycWFM is always the most cost-effective solution and offers powerful extensions through optional modules, such as for time recording and time management (find out more under Functions).

Our flexible license models allow you to rent a monthly license, which is available both as an on-premises and cloud solution. The license fees are scaled according to the number of users (up to 100 users, from 101 users, from 301 users, from 601 users, from 1,001 users) in order to offer you an individually tailored solution.

Given the ever-increasing complexity of balancing company and customer objectives, employee wishes and (labor) law requirements, we recommend the use of opcycWFM from 30 employees at the latest.

opcycWFM is a holistic WFM solution and supports you throughout the entire operational cycle. Based on historical data, opcycWFM determines the future workload. The resource requirements are calculated on this basis and an automated resource plan is then created based on the demand. Intelligent control information can be used to control and monitor what is happening on a daily basis.

The employee portal with its many functions involves employees in the processes and ensures a high degree of transparency and employee satisfaction.

With the reports and analysis tools available as standard in opcycWFM, you always have an overview and can derive measures for the next planning cycle.

From the first kick-off workshop to training and go-live, it is possible to use opcycWFM productively after just 6 weeks. The coaching phase then begins, in which we support you after the go-live. Of course, we will remain at your side afterwards by providing you with user support at any time. In our customer portal, you will also find a wealth of information to make onboarding easier and ensure that you get the most out of opcycWFM.