Scrappage premium at opcyc

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Excerpt: Replace your old WFM system with opcycWFM and receive not only support with setup and interfaces, but also free licenses for the remaining term of your existing WFM.

Old WFM out, opcycWFM in!

opcyc is approaching customer service centers that are ready to switch with a campaign that is unusual for the industry. opcyc supports new customers scrapping a competitor’s WFM with a scrapping bonus! For a limited period, opcyc is giving its new customers the set-up and interface costs for free and is going a big step further: the licenses for opcycWFM are free for the remaining term of the existing WFM. The campaign is supported by media on LinkedIn and Xing.

“This is exactly the right time for companies that use a WFM from one of our competitors and have actually been wanting to switch for some time,” says Ralf Thomas, Managing Director at opcyc, adding: “Smaller centers are addressed just as much as large companies. Companies often find it difficult to switch to WFM, even though the shortcomings of the existing provider have long been clearly identified.”

opcyc supports and accompanies the basic willingness to switch with the scrappage premium. Ender Tezel, member of the Management Board and responsible for the onboarding of opcycWFM at opcyc, explains: “We have scrapped many customers in recent years and have always actively and very successfully supported the changeover. We know very well that it’s almost always about perceived hurdles. If customers had known how uncomplicated the switch to opcycWFM would be thanks to our many years of experience, most customers would have switched to opcycWFM much sooner.”

Of course, a WFM is often deeply integrated into the structure of the company and connected to other software, but professionally accompanied, this can be reduced to a very low level through well-planned and operationally supported monitoring

“It wouldn’t be the first time that our new customers have been downright relieved to be able to rethink planning, management and reporting processes as a result of such a change and that satisfaction has increased significantly in all directions following the introduction of opcycWFM! We want to provide the impetus for this with the scrapping bonus,” says Ralf Thomas.

About opcyc

opcyc GmbH, founded in 2011, laid the foundations for the WFM suite back in 2002 under the influence of one of Germany’s leading customer service providers. With the opcycWFM software developed from operational practice, opcyc offers one of the most powerful systems for planning and managing customer service centers. opcycWFM supports all workforce management processes: Forecasting, shift and resource planning, operational controlling, payroll-ready time management, reporting and analysis. With the opcycDOCS module, opcyc also makes the first operational back-office controlling possible.

With opcycWFM, opcyc stands for the most configurable, operational and affordable workforce management with personnel administration and time management in all sizes. opcyc’s customers include banks, customer service and e-commerce service providers, insurance companies, technology, event and tourism companies and energy suppliers.