opcyc equips opcycWFM with important GDPR feature

Category: Product development
Excerpt: opcycWFM has been inspiring customers with pioneering developments since the start of 2020. The latest highlight is the GDPR feature, which anonymizes all personal data within opcycWFM and enables audit-proof processes for departures.

opcycWFM introduces innovative GDPR feature

The latest opcycWFM platform has been available since the beginning of 2020 and things have been moving forward in leaps and bounds for opcyc customers ever since. Following on from the opcycDOCS back office module and the opcycDATA data warehouse module, opcyc is now equipping its WFM suite with additional features.

It all starts with the new GDPR feature. All personal data can thus remain within opcycWFM, but is irreversibly anonymized. Both a pre-settable period between 0 and 120 months for all departures and the immediate anonymization of individual departures can be mapped in an audit-proof manner. opcycWFM thus relieves its customers of a major operational burden while still ensuring the necessary data continuity. “All WFM systems are caught between the legal department and operations. With regard to the GDPR, nobody has solved this yet,” says Ralf Thomas, Managing Director of opcyc GmbH.

Ender Tezel, Head of Customer Management at opcyc and member of the Executive Board, explains: “On the one hand, employees who have left the company have the right to have their personal data deleted; on the other hand, this data for forecasts, capacity planning, production and reporting in WFM must not simply disappear. As a provider of a WFM suite, it is easy to contractually evade this responsibility. This may reassure the legal departments, but it is counterproductive for management and operations. It was important to us to do justice to both. We are happy to back up our claim to be the most operational WFM suite with this.”

The new GDPR feature is being rolled out with immediate effect and is available to all customers of opcyc’s latest platform at no extra cost. “Due to the countless references to the relevant data, a GDPR feature like this is more complex in terms of content than you might initially think. But we want our customers to recognize not once, but again and again, that opcyc meets the requirements of the operational market leader,” says Thomas, explaining the motivation for the new GDPR feature in opcycWFM.

About opcyc

opcyc GmbH, founded in 2011, laid the foundations for the WFM suite back in 2002 under the influence of one of Germany’s leading customer service providers. With the opcycWFM software developed from operational practice, opcyc offers one of the most powerful systems for planning and managing customer service centers. opcycWFM supports all workforce management processes: Forecasting, shift and resource planning, operational controlling, payroll-ready time management, reporting and analysis. With the opcycDOCS module, opcyc also makes the first operational back-office controlling possible.

With opcycWFM, opcyc stands for the most configurable, operational and affordable workforce management with personnel administration and time management in all sizes. opcyc’s customers include banks, customer service and e-commerce service providers, insurance companies, technology, event and tourism companies and energy suppliers.