opcyc draws first full-year balance sheet: Best year in the company’s history

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Excerpt: opcyc draws an extremely positive balance for 2019: 11 new customers, a 26% increase in sales to EUR 1.275 million and the most successful year in the company’s history with an adjusted EBITDA of EUR 0.524 million. Since the takeover by catinedo AG, opcyc has continuously strengthened its position as operational market leader.

Looking back on an outstanding 2019

opcyc can look back on a consistently positive 2019. 11 new customers were acquired in 2019. Sales increased by 26% to EUR 1.275 million. Adjusted for a debt waiver, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) rose from EUR -0.783 million (2018) to EUR +0.125 million (2019), an increase of more than 0.9 million. At an adjusted EUR 0.524 million, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) made 2019 itself the most successful year in the company’s history to date.

In August 2018, catinedo AG acquired 100% of the company from mVISE AG (WKN 620458) as Just Intelligence GmbH and immediately began restructuring the company into today’s opcyc GmbH. catinedo AG has been implementing success-based projects for the strategic and operational optimization of customer service for 12 years. With opcycWFM, a Work Force Management suite, opcyc provides the software for planning and managing customer service.

“It is precisely these combined competencies that make the new opcyc GmbH so powerful. opcycWFM is the only WFM suite on the market that comes from the operational side and was not created at the green table and is consistently developed in this way,” says catinedo CEO and opcyc Managing Director Ralf Thomas, “Our customers appreciate this very much and our new customers notice right from the start that they are well understood.”

New customer acquisition was already put on a new footing from Q4/2018 and given a new and more professional “tone”. “Our competition sells software. We sell the opportunity to use our software to optimize operations and take employees with us. We ourselves have many years of experience from responsible positions in operational customer service,” says Ender Tezel, Head of Key Account Management and member of the Management Board of opcyc GmbH since fall 2018, “and we have been combining this with opcyc’s outstanding development capacities for a year now.”

The number of new customers is only one parameter for success. Thanks to the strategic adjustments in sales, the sales cycle itself has now been halved to less than 6 months. The consistent restructuring of software development itself is also a key factor in this success. opcycWFM itself has been further developed and has grown. “The company lacked a strategy for the software. Further development on demand is not a strategy.” The myOPCYC employee portal was adapted to market requirements and has been successfully rolled out since the beginning of 2019. With the new opcycDOCS module, opcyc has succeeded in completing the world’s first real back-office planning and control in just one year, and with opcycDATA, opcyc’s own DWH, opcyc has landed the next hit. Ralf Thomas comments: “In addition to the fact that we offer the most configurable and best-priced WFM suite, it is the conceptual operational ideas and their consistent user-oriented implementation by our development team that set us apart from the competition.”

The strategic realignment of the company as such was achieved in parallel with the restructuring of content. With the conversion of the license model for all new contracts to exclusively rental licenses and the abandonment of less effective customer adjustments, opcyc has already successfully completed the most noticeable sub-project. Ender Tezel comments: “Customizing is very costly for customers, not very profitable for us and very maintenance-intensive for everyone and can be solved much better with well thought-out and operational configuration options.”

For the years ahead, opcyc was also able to completely leave behind all of the financially burdensome undesirable developments of the past years through restructuring measures and also put itself on a very solid foundation in all economic respects that is also suitable for the financial market with an excellent outlook.

About opcyc

opcyc GmbH, founded in 2011, laid the foundations for the WFM suite back in 2002 under the influence of one of Germany’s leading customer service providers. With the opcycWFM software developed from operational practice, opcyc offers one of the most powerful systems for planning and managing customer service centers. opcycWFM supports all workforce management processes: Forecasting, shift and resource planning, operational control, payroll-ready time management, reporting and analysis. With the opcycDOCS module, opcyc also makes the first operational back-office control possible.

With opcycWFM, opcyc stands for the most operational, most configurable and best-priced workforce management with personnel administration and time management in all sizes. opcyc’s customers include banks, customer service and e-commerce service providers, insurance companies, technology, event and tourism companies and energy suppliers.

About catinedo AG

catinedo AG was founded in 2007 and has been dedicated to performance-based restructuring consulting and support from the very beginning. In the area of customer service, catinedo has proven in the online sanitary trade, automotive, energy supply, telecommunications and in the field of tour operators that this form of consulting is not only well received, but also results-oriented and target-oriented for the customer. catinedo stands for responsible consulting and implementation in equal measure and thus closes a real value gap for its customers, depending on success.

More information at: www.catinedo.de