8 typical challenges in contact centers

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Excerpt: The management of contact centers is demanding and requires a variety of challenges to be overcome. Learn how a WFM system solves typical problems and optimizes operations by reducing absenteeism, increasing employee retention and improving planning accuracy.

Workforce management in contact centers

The management of #ContactCenters is very demanding, as the challenges and demands of different interest groups (employees, customers, IT and management) have to be managed and coordinated at the same time. But what are the typical challenges and how can a #WFM system help?

1️⃣ High absenteeism

Unforeseeable absences not only cost a lot of money per employee per year, they also have a negative impact on service quality and team morale. A WFM system can help by recognizing the impact of absences on day-to-day business and providing tools to plan replacements quickly and efficiently in the event of short-term absences.

2️⃣ Low commitment and high staff turnover

Maintaining motivation in contact centers is very difficult, as the work is often stressful and monotonous. This can lead to above-average staff turnover. And if an employee leaves, so does all the time and training you have invested in them. A WFM system involves employees more closely in the planning process by taking their preferred times into account. In addition, employees can swap their shifts flexibly as required via a swap exchange, which increases employee satisfaction and commitment.

3️⃣ Complex planning requirements

Call volumes and service requirements fluctuate on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. In addition, the individual skills of the employees, legal requirements and their wishes must be taken into account. A WFM system analyzes historical data to predict service volumes and required times. This enables reliable forecasts to be created and optimal shift plans to be generated automatically, which accurately reflect current and future requirements. This ensures that there are always enough qualified employees available to process customer inquiries quickly and competently.

4️⃣ Limited self-service offer

Most employees want to organize their working day more independently and plan their assignments to a greater extent, for a better work-life balance. WFM software actively involves employees in the planning process by providing a range of self-service functions. This gives employees access to their schedules and, if desired, to the schedules of their teams, which promotes collaboration. They can swap shifts with colleagues and apply for leave with just a few clicks, benefiting from fast approval processes and greater transparency.

5️⃣ Missing (technical) integrations

Seamless data transfer between the WFM and HR systems means that shift plans can be compared directly with employee data, making planning more precise and time-saving. Working hours and absences are automatically recorded and transferred to the HR system, reducing manual entries and errors. Legal working time regulations and break requirements can also be better monitored and complied with thanks to the integrated systems.

6️⃣ No access to key performance indicators

Contact center managers often lack the right key figures to make strategic decisions. WFM systems provide historical and real-time data and summarize it in proven KPIs, e.g. processing times, capacity utilization and service levels. This allows specific statements to be made on performance and targeted measures to be derived.

7️⃣ Lack of multichannel communication

Contact centers often have to support a variety of communication channels such as telephone, email, chat and social media. A WFM system enables efficient planning and distribution of resources across these channels and ensures that resources are optimally matched to demand.

8️⃣ Compliance and data protection

Contact centers must ensure that they comply with all legal requirements and data protection regulations. A WFM system can help meet compliance requirements by logging working hours and breaks and monitoring rest periods.

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