Shift planning and monitoring

Real-time planning and controlling

Shift schedules with the TimeTable and TimeManager

Having a complete overview of the available production resources at all times is essential to meet the challenges of day-to-day business. TimeTable not only provides a clear overview of current staff scheduling, but also delivers all the other important information required for optimum control and employee management in real time.

Necessary shift adjustments can be made quickly and easily using drag & drop. In conjunction with the TimeManager, missing log bookings can be added and sick notes recorded at the click of a mouse. Expected surpluses and shortfalls during the course of the day are displayed directly. A display on a weekly basis also enables the targeted optimization of shift plans for future days.

The most important features

With numerous filter options, you can maintain an overview and easily optimize shift schedules for upcoming production days.

Your advantages at a glance

The convenient adjustment of plan and log bookings simplifies decisions by providing direct access to all relevant information. Changes in shifts and sick notes have immediately visible effects.


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