Data usage without limits

Data authority in your hands

Opens up new dimensions in data usage

opcycWFM requires extensive data for its operations and is also constantly producing new data itself. All this data is stored in the opcycWFM databases and is also available for reporting and Excel exports in addition to operation. opcycDATA now enables direct access to these data volumes. With opcycDATA, you can make yourself completely independent of opcyc’s reports and specifications.

Via SQL queries and views, BI tools or third-party software, etc. – In other words, anything that can handle the connection to SQL databases – can be used to access opcycWFM data with the help of opcycDATA. With opcycDATA, the use and further processing is now completely up to the companies. Whether special reports, e.g. including other data sources, are to be created from it or whether the data is to be made usable for your own HR or payroll programs or whether selected groups of people are to be provided with prepared data via BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI etc. … opcycDATA now makes all this possible. Even access “only” with data connection via Excel is possible without any problems. Special applications are now also possible with opcycDATA: For clients of several call centers, opcycDATA offers the possibility of consolidated reporting.

Service providers have the option of creating highly customized customer reports. Any combination of data can help to make completely new assessments. opcycDATA is primarily aimed at somewhat larger units and organizations that want to build on the very extensive reporting and data export options of opcycWFM.

The most important features

opcycDATA gives you access to all opcycWFM raw data, with full read authorization and automatic updating. Use discrete-time data and enable any number of your own database users to handle the extensive opcycWFM data volumes efficiently.

Your advantages at a glance

Integrate the data into your own data warehouse (DWH) and create consolidated reports for comprehensive data analysis.


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